Not only is there the opportunity to learn about cloud forest ecology, conservation, basic entomology, ecological farming, environmental activism, and mining and communities, but also drawing, clean handicraft production, grass-roots organizations and sustainable economic alternatives. These topics are not just academic here at the Intag Cloud Forest Reserve, they are real, and the talks given by persons directly involved in all these activities.

Carlos’ talks draw on his 11 years of experience with the grass-roots environmental organization, DECOIN which, together with affected communities, has led a singularly successful resistance to two major mining projects in Intag, and created a number of successful conservation and sustainable economic projects, such as a shade-grown coffee association, and community ecotourism.

He has written and traveled the world addressing such varied topics as: sustainability, cloud forest ecology, communities and mining, international trade in Latin America, the World Bank and mining, international mining standards, among others.

As a Decoin member, he’s directed a number of very successful conservation projects protecting the area’s water, biodiversity and forests resources, and has helped create several protected areas.

Thank you for sharing this miraculous paradise with us. Thank you for opening your doors and your hearts Thank you for protecting what others have tried to destroy Most of all thank you for your generous hospitality and for giving us the knowledge and the hope needed to affect change to this troubled but beautiful world.

Becaa Robinson
Sand Dimas, CA