Intag Cloud Forest Birds


Last count there were 225 birds on our list, with new species added almost every year. For a complete list of what we’ve found go to the full Intag bird list

An Andean-Cock-of-the Rock lek is an-almost unbelievable 20 minute from the main lodge. This altitude is also tanager and hummingbird heaven- with more than 20 species identified. Toucan Barbets, Booted-racket tail hummingbirds, several species of Wood Stars, White-faced Nunbirds, Wood Creepers, Ant-birds, Trogons, and the Golden-Headed Quetzal, as well as the Crimson-Rumped Toucanet, and the spectacular Plate-billed Mountain Toucan all make their home at these altitudes. When  a certain native liana is fruiting, all you have to do is sit on our outdoor dining room and watch the Andean-Cock-of-the Rock and Toucanet fill their gullets with the vilest-tasting fruit I’ve ever tasted. Trogons are also pretty fond of this stuff. Just goes to show there’s no accounting for taste.

If you are wondering what the heck is a lek, you are not a “real” birder. A lek is a place where males birds of some species get together to try to attract female birds. Yes, yes, sort of a single’s bar. Except, in the case of these ridiculously colorful birds, A LOT LOUDER. It’s quite the spectacle to watch/hear. The lek is active most of the 365 days of the year (for those of you lazy birders, the creatures can be seen with a good spotting scope right from the Round House….